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3 Common Reasons Why Hot Water Runs Out

1. Mineral Buildup

Florida is known for its hard water, and the same minerals that leave behind that residue on your shower doors can build up inside your water heater. When deposits are on the tank bottom or elements, it interferes with heat transfer into the hot water. To prevent this from happening, recommend flushing your Water Heater annually.

Check out this Youtube video to see how mineral buildup and scale and can affect your water heater.

2. Your Home Needs a Bigger Water Heater

Everyone has different hot water needs depending on the amount of people in your home and the type of fixtures the Hot Water supplies.

Here is what is typically standard for Water Heater Sizing:

1-2 People-30 Gallon

3 People- 40 Gallon

4 People- 50 Gallon

5 People or more- 80 Gallon

The sizing can vary base on the needs of your family like multiple people using hot water at the same time, using a bath tub (the average tub holds around 60 Gallons). If the tank is too small for your family’s needs, you will need to install a bigger water heater or consider some tankless water heating options.

3. It’s Time for a New Water Heater

The average lifespan of a water heater approximately 10 years. The lifespan of water heaters can vary depending on the type and the amount of maintenance it has received. If you are running out of hot water quicker than normal, take that as a warning to have the water heater inspected. Additional warning signals include rumbling sounds coming from the tank, water leaking from the heater, rust stains on the tank and discolored water.

Buying a new water heater might not be something you have to do all that often as a homeowner, but be sure to consider your options carefully. And when you finally do decide or need assistance, call Metro Plumbing for fast and efficient water heater installation.

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